Wednesday, January 7, 2015

'Chive Cast 57: 2014 Annual 'State of the Hobby' Roundtable

Here we have our second kind-of-annual "State of the Hobby" Roundtable. Skye, Steve, Chris Georgoulias, and Ron Salvatore discuss the Vintage influences and impacts of the new The Force Awakens trailer; fanboys and the importance (or lack thereof) of being a Star Wars fan in collecting Star Wars toys; the relative coolness (or lack thereof) of collecting Vintage; they come up with a kind of definition for "Vintagesploitation"; Skye introduces the UDE Theory, the Beatles Theory, and proposes that collecting Modern prototypes is the new Vintage collecting. Plus there is a vicious knock em out-drag em out battle Deb-8-D-8 between Chris and Skye over the correct pronunciation of Lando's copilot in the Falcon. Finally, there is a new feature that teaches how to speak Star Polish.

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  1. It might be worthwhile looking into doing the Chivecast as a broadcast on YouTube. So the way that works is the show broadcasts live on YouTube, and then the recording stays on the site.

    I believe it's connected to Google Hangouts in some way. I'm not sure if it's possible to record the show off-air and then make it public once you're finished, but it may be.

    Anyway you wouldn't need to worry about file size or other issues. You can have multiple panel members (located anywhere in the world) on the broadcast at the same time, and there's even an old school chat room function so the audience can participate during the show.

    In the description below the video, you can post links to the SWCA, the photos associated with the Chivecast, etc.

    I know the podcast is audio only, which is also no problem, since, if you don't want to do video, you can just have avatars representing each person.

    Anyway, just a thought. It's a great podcast, so it would be a shame to let pesky technical issues get in the way. :)

    1. I do it all the time, pretty easy and glad to help

  2. As a follow up, the YouTube method would let the podcast be a free flowing discussion with the panel guests, which would be awesome since they've got so much expertise to share. Also, that way you wouldn't need to add all of the music and "Oh snap!"s, which seem like a heck of a lot of effort to edit in.

    You'd save so much time that you wouldn't need to think of the show as a "production," and that might make it easier to schedule it more regularly (and maybe even more frequently). There are folks on YouTube holding "hangouts" several days per week. After the initial startup (which doesn't seem complicated), the effort to run new episodes is close to zero.

    Anyway just a couple more thoughts.

  3. Final (I think) comment about the ReAction line. The first wave of Alien toys was actually made from a series of unproduced Kenner prototypes. Brian Flynn (the owner of Super7, which created the line) talks about it here: