Thursday, January 29, 2015

MarketWatch: Imperial Commander

Michael L. writes:

The market continues to deliver a decent level of stock. It's probably not too big a surprise that quite a few Imperial Commander figures survived as MOC's over the years. I can just see these having been purchased and then sitting in parent's cupboards, probably not too many kids 'nagging' for that Imperial Commander figure.

As always happens, when you look over 15-25 MOC's of the same figure you grow a little fondness for the thing. Which to me, goes back to the simplicity and effectiveness of the packaging. It really was a beautiful design and it seems no matter which figure and colour background they used, the figure/cardback looks great.

In summary, there was a great assortment on sale in recent months. I was able to almost compile a full run of card backs. The ungraded MOCs went really cheaply, well under $50 for quite a few. Graded examples had a large premium, with one AFA85 fetching close to $300 for his debut card.

Interestingly, quite a few beater MOCs sold, one for $22 and another for $14 (though he had the bubble crack on it's way to AFA). And a Mexican cardback as well. 

And lastly I found a proof (Revenge) which went for $625.

Onto the data ....


41A AFA80 (C80/B85/F85) $274 - eBay link

41A Ungraded $180.39 - eBay link

Must say I'd prefer to have saved the $90 price differential and have purchased the ungraded MOC. I also think it looks better - without the TrU price sticker.

41A Ungraded (fairly rough condition) $45.40 - eBay link

41C Ungraded (POP removed) $56 - eBay link

41E Ungraded (real beater) $22.86 - eBay link

47 Ungraded $37.25 - eBay link

48A AFA80 ~$299 - eBay link

48C Ungraded - cracked bubble (this figure was listed as being damaged when sent to AFA for grading ... Ouch).  $14.25 - eBay link  

48D Ungraded $49.99 (with coin offer sticker) - eBay link

65B Ungraded $33.00 (clear bubble) - eBay link

77 Ungraded $63.21 (clear bubble) - eBay link

Palitoy 41 back Ungraded - $182.59 - eBay link

Lili Ledy 30 Back - cardback only $89.88 - eBay link

Revenge proof AFA85 $620 - eBay link

So another good load of's quite satisfying when I can find close to all the Kenner cardbacks for a character. The foreign items and the proof were also nice to have found - $620 doesn't sound too bad for a proof considering where the market is on pre-production items at the moment. 

Thanks for reading...Wampa Wampa. 

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  1. Thanks for the great rundown as always. Much appreciated.