Thursday, March 19, 2015

Celebration Fan Swag Roundup: Part 2

Amy writes:

Further proving the generosity of Star Wars collectors, here is a continuation of the Celebration Fan Swag Roundup. For this second part, fans have made items that reflect vintage interests, store displays, special offers and even hot issues like U-grading. There's also items beyond buttons that include t-shirts and even tooth brushes! If you are looking to do some trading, but don't have a ticket to the sold out Archive Party on Thursday night, try the Collectors Swap Meet and Social held in the Celebration Collectors' Lounge on Saturday, April 18th at 7 pm.

Vintage Pod cast - SWCA podcasters Skye Paine and Steve Danley
(A limited quantity of magnets will be available at their two live shows)

Chewbacca's Family Special Offer - Shawn Moynihan

Pine-Sol frisbee flyer set of 6 - Matt Erickson, Todd Chamberlain, Duncan Jenkins, Todd Giganti, 
Alvin Furlya, Matthew Mulinaro

Pine-Sol flyer store display available to the first 19 people who complete the set of 6 buttons shown above.

Star Wars badge set of 7 pins with badge - Daryl Whitlow and other SW Action News crew

No UGrade - QuinnJedi (on Rebelscum) / Ross Barr (designed by Josh Blake)

'I go Jawa for vintage Star Wars' - Kenner76 (on Rebelscum)
I love Cloud City - Jon Peck

Star Wars Collecting Cosmos - SWCC podcasters (designed by Tom Berges)

Ewok Ice Capades (100) - Sarah Kemple

Napoleon Dynamite Star Tots for collecting track volunteers (45) - Amy Sjoberg

Swag King Gorneesh (10) - Amy Sjoberg (must be one of the first 10 ppl to have 3 lanyards full of buttons)

Additional pins not pictured:

C3-PO Leaving Vegas - Robert Daugherty
Kubrick Figures (4 kinds) Max Rebo / Sy Snootles / Droopy / Doda - Yancy Bear (on Rebelscum)
Wokling - George Coomber
Buttons4Boobs - Gary Haygood
Krayt and Barrel (50) - Eric Franks
Be cool! Hoth Leia (3 kinds) (100) - JoeKersavage (on Rebelscum)
Meesa Bombad - Chris Botkins
Thug Life Fantasy themed proof cards (set of 6) - Arizona collectors
Celebration VII Seer Draken - SeerDraken (on Rebelscum)
Vintage R2-D2 Collectors - Brian Jayne
Loose Lips Might Sink Ships (3 kinds / 100 ea) - Don Raskin
Romba 'Fairly Awesome' - Broc Walker
Crochet Jabba and Yoda - Sarah Kemple
Choose Your Destiny - DarthBaldylox (on Rebelscum)
C3-PO 'Use extreme caution drinking with Swedes' - Bill Cable
'We Hate Everything' Muppet pin - Tom Berges
Star Wars Forum UK - Todd Osborn
The Force Awakens BB-8 vintage cardback - Dave Williams
Star Wars Collector Groups Meet and Greet - Jenni Bennett (must attend event to receive pin)
Star Wars Road Trips Death Valley, CA (2 kinds) - Carl Cunningham
Vintage Star Wars Fan Club Boba Fett (2 kinds) - BlueSnag (on Rebelscum)

Ewok Builder Club trading cards (set of 12) - Various SARLACCians (designed by Tom Berges)

2" Vader challenge coin (numbered 21-100) - Bill McBride (designed by Josh Blake)

2" Chase gold Vader challenge coin (numbered 1-20) - Bill McBride (designed by Josh Blake)

2" prototype Vader challenge coin framed set (5) - Bill McBride (designed by Josh Blake)

SWCA Podcast vinyl stickers - SWCA podcasters Skye Paine and Steve Danley

Other items not pictured:

Chewbacca lanyards - Michael Ritter
Chris B. Dental Health card / bagged and boxed toothbrushes (random) - Chris Botkins
No UGrade t-shirts - Ross Barr
Rebelscum badges - Sign up here:
Admiral Ackbar coffee sleeves - Sarah Kemple

Can-can Dancing R2's - Brian Jayne
Kenner Mailer Project - Josh Blake and Dan Flarida

We all know this list is far from over and will continue to grow. Depending how many items are announced between now and Celebration, there may be another update before a post-convention report.


  1. If you do another update feel free to add my button. thanks

  2. Thanks Dave, I got you listed under additional pins not pictured.
    The Force Awakens BB-8 vintage cardback - Dave Williams

    Looking forward to trading with you! I'll be volunteering at the collecting panel room just about every day. ;)

  3. I will have a patch available all 4 days

    Follow @PyeTheCat on twitter for locations and the reveal once I receive them

    1. Here is my final proof for the Patch, lets hope that the final product looks as good.

    2. Thanks Eva, I've added your info to part 3. :D

  4. Could you please add mine. These pins will be given out (25 a day) at my booth in the Ink Fusion Tattoo Festival.

    - Geekincognito

    1. Thanks George, they look great! I'll add them to part 3.

  5. This will be my first Celebration and I found this page just searching for what all will be happening. Is the trading/buttons just for people who are also bloggers, podcasters, etc... or should I maybe make a few things to bring with me in case I want to trade? I guess I'm just worried that I will be missing out on something....

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    1. 90% of the items listed above are all made individually by Star Wars collectors with the desire to trade with other collectors. It Never hurts to make some items to make a trade with.

      March 30, 2015 at 9:23 AM

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  8. Nerdmatters will have free buttons, stickers and one more yet to be announced freebie! I will be announcing how and where via Twitter during celebration. Also would love to trade!
    You can see them here:

    1. Thanks! I'll add these to part 3. We'll post it tomorrow.

    2. Thanks! Feel free to pull images off if the Twitter posts.