Thursday, December 24, 2015

'Chive Cast 68 - Top 10 Vintage Winners & Losers from
The Force Awakens

It’s a Force Awakens Response Podcast, from a Vintage point of view. Skye and Steve talk about their thoughts and reactions and break down the 10 biggest winners and losers among Vintage Star Wars items. It’s another unusual podcast, but its not like these movies come out every month! Caution. Henceforth, there will nothing but spoilers! Who wins? Who loses? Listen to the newest ‘Chive Cast Vintage Pod to find out.


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  1. What wait? I demand a recount, yeah I'm late to respond, but the B-Wing is definitely a winner, NOT a loser.
    Why? Well, is story terms it's been 30 years since we last saw the X-Wing, in The Force Awakens it has evolved slightly to become a split wing s-foils version, the TIE Fighter also saw an update into a dual cockpit vessel .... and so did the B-Wing.
    Although not quite as recognizable as the other two fighters, an evolution of the B-Wing was used as Princess Leia's Shuttle. Admitedly it was difficult to spot form what you see in the film, but looking at the LEGO toy, you can totally see the inspiration:

    Internet ALWAYS tells the truth, here is the Wookipedia entry that gives a little more to the background:

    So, Stephen, you TOTALLY have to get the LEGO version now :)

    All the best,

    1. Ha! I thought there was something familiar about that thing. Actually, I really dug all of the "Resistance" designs from the new film quite a bit. I love the evolved X-Wing in particular. Here's to hoping that the same treatment is given to the B-Wing, A-Wing, and Y-Wing as fighters over the next few films. :^)