Tuesday, December 6, 2016

MarketWatch: Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit)

Michael L. writes:

Following a few months hiatus the 'figure of the month' MarketWatch is back. Kicking off the Return of the Jedi line is Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight Outfit). With fewer cardbacks to sample from the market we will focus on getting a range of quality along with a few related items (e.g. baggies / mailers).

ROTJ cardbacks are where finding premium items does become somewhat of a struggle, given the bubble quality took a dive at Kenner and finding clear bubbles is becoming increasingly difficult. Lots of nice cards...not so many clear bubbles.

Luke Jedi did come in a number of variations, with both a different coloured lightsaber (blue and green) and differences in the cape (with the snap-cape in use for part of the run). This month's data included the usual array of MOCs, from beaters to high end items. I was also able to get a few interesting items, including an ungraded MOC right from the collection of Rick Springfield (could we call him a 'regular' on the 'Chive Cast? Onto the data...


65A Ungraded - $750 (this sold through CIB Investments and was part of Rick Springfield's collection)

65A Ungraded - $108.27 (big drop in price when the item is from a regular Joe)

65B AFA85 (C80/B85/F85) Blue Lightsaber - $600

65B AFA75 (C75/B80/F85) - $579

65C Ungraded (sold in Australia) - $423 (I think this offer on the Luke Jedi card is a perfect combination)

77A AFA85 (C85/B85/F90) $367

77A Ungraded - $152.50

79A Ungraded - $174.50 (really nice bubble)


POTF 92 Back AFA85 (C85/B85/F85) - $625


SKU #71710 - 3 Pack AFA75 (Luke Jedi / Leia Poncho / Lando Skiff Guard) $595 (sold on Facebook)


AFA90 (Blue Lightsaber) - $305

AFA75 (Lili Ledy) $300

AFA80 (Blue Lightsaber + Snap-cape) $175

AFA85 (Blue Lightsaber) $169.99

AFA85 (Flesh face) $57.90

Laser Pistol - I've added this is in to this MW given the box included a number of images of Luke (though in his Dagobah outfit) - Ungraded MIB $177.50

I've never posted an item that's for sale, but couldn't resist with this 79B with coin offer sticker (we love these combos on the MarketWatch). This is currently listed on eBay for $899. Obviously well above market value...but was worth a look. This card has the sticker offer for Anakin on the back of the card, and the coin offer sticker on the front -- what a combination. Goes to show just how many of these Lukes they must have pumped out, to have had this warming the pegs and end up marked down and a coin offer on top of the chance for a free figure.


So there we have Luke Jedi. Quite a few nice MOCs, though quite tough with a clear bubble (no surprise there). The Rick Springfield MOC got a few extra dollars (not sure if that premium will hold up over time). I did try Facebook as a source, only to find a lot of unsold items that then appeared to have moved to eBay and SOLD.

The clear bubble AFA75 65B was on Facebook for awhile before hitting eBay. For a main character there were still a number of decent 'bargains' out there for ungraded MOCs -- around the $150 mark, which in this market for a main character feels like not too bad a price. Plenty of loose Lukes out there too. The mailer was probably my favourite piece (actually my research this month led me to find one of those exact mailers on Facebook and I bought it!!).

The next update will be for Admiral Ackbar, and as a lead-in I found this mailer, which included both Luke Jedi and Admiral Ackbar.

SKU #71430 (Luke Jedi / Ackbar / Lando Skiff Guard / Chief Chirpa / Rebel Commando / Logray / Princess Leia Boushh / General Madine) - $785. Sold on Facebook (or perhaps SWFUK)

Happy collecting and Wampa Wampa.

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