Wednesday, November 5, 2014

MarketWatch: AT-AT Driver

Michael L. writes:

I had some fun with this month's research. Came across lots of MOC's... graded and ungraded. Managed to find a POTF MOC sale along with a Proof, and even an army of AT-AT Drivers. I had no luck however with a Coin Offer MOC (this seems to be our new holy grail of the MarketWatch). And lastly I did find a 48B .... Skye will be envious.

Whilst the market has risen over the past 12-18 months I think it's fair to say that there are still decent deals for MOC's out there. You just need to look. Though once AFA get involved prices are at the higher end, so again the moral is... do your research, know what you are looking for and a good deal can still be had (oh and don't worry about grading).

And here's the data for the month ...

Power of the Force

Whilst I normally go in order of figure release I had to break that to ensure I highlighted this POTF MOC

92 AFA80 Y-NM (C80/B80/F85) $2,200 - eBay link

Not sure if this will qualify for Steve's ' oh man' for the month, but should come close!! Now back to the regular order ....

Empire Strikes Back 

Whilst there were some bargains to be had, this was not one of them. To be fair though this was a really nice card, clear bubble and is his debut card.

41A Ungraded - $233.50 - eBay link

41A Ungraded - $109.99 - eBay link

41C AFA80 (C85/B80/F85) approx $400 - eBay link

41E AFA80 (C80/B80/F85) $400 - eBay link

41E AFA80 (C80/B80/F85) $368 - eBay link

45 AFA80Y (C80/B85/F85) $175.50 - eBay link

47A Ungraded - $135.49 - eBay link

48A Ungraded - $147.38 - eBay link

48B AFA80Y (C85/B75/F85) approx $350 - eBay link

48B Ungraded - $67.00 - eBay link


45 Back proof card AFA85 approx $1,100 - eBay link


Loose army of 31 AT-AT Drivers $199 - eBay link

Sealed Mexican Bootleg pack $36 - eBay link

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